First visit the pristine beauty of the
Eastern Woodlands in the fall of
1700, then follow seven frontier
braves running toward Williamsburg.
Meet a tough, wilderness-wise, white
Shawnee warrior, a beautiful young
Nahyssan woman who fights and
loves with the same intensity, and a
young gifted Saponi brave who
learns fast and deals with the
dangerous differences between his
people and the relentless waves of
European strangers. Fold in a
murderous attack on a peaceful
village, a chase to the mountains, a
raging battle of sharp-shooting and
hand-to-hand combat and you have
Mac Laird's action-packed novel set
in colonial Virginia.
Welcome to books about the colonial Eastern Woodlands, once home to
hunter/gatherers, then refuge to land hungry Europeans, and finally the
birthplace of the United States of America.
Here is a chronicle of one man's life-
changing experiences as he
immerses himself in a decades-long
labor of love constructing a unique
cabin from natural materials in
Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.
The book introduces us to a
fascinating array of characters,
including greenwood craftsmen,
colorful mountain folk—one of
whom is actually a water witch—as
well as to skillful (and not  so skillful)
fishermen and poker players.

This book informs us that “
If you
build it . . . it will be immensely
satisfying, whether they come or
But they came, in great numbers.
Who could not? After all it is a cabin
of logs on a friendly mountain in the
heart of the beautiful Shenandoah
Eastern Woodlands
Shenandoah Valley
"...Vivid writing of outdoor and wilderness scenes. A
pleasure to read."
Professor John Conlee, College of William and Mary
"...this book will leave you with  a calmness, a sense of
having just had a leisurely walk through the Shenandoah."
 Sally Stiles, Author, Williamsburg Virginia
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Sequel to

Three determined young
couples, Indian, settler, and
slave, unite to face the colonial
wilderness of Virginia, grind
out their fortunes, deal with
the tangled laws of slavery, ,
and stand tall, independent,
and   History,Adventure,
Romance,  packed
historical novel

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Also available on
Kindle (Nook soon)
Also available on
Kindle and Nook
Library of
Virginia nominates
for the 14th
Library of
Literary Awards
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Nominated by the Library of
Virginia for the 17th Annual
Literary Awards in fiction.
A well-researched, engaging
novel that presents an
interesting vision of early
Colonial life from the view of
some of Virginia’s earliest
Kirkus Review
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